Mindhue Studio

Printmaking, conceptual and installation art

Work Categories

This page also lists a complete list of work portfolios completed and ongoing by Mindhue Studio. There are gaps, but those are being filled in as time goes by. For filtered lists of specific types of work, please use the items in the Work Categories submenu list.

For contemporary discussion of current and past work, please visit the blog. Many items listed in the portfolios are for sale. For the ongoing Internet project, please head to the Internet Swadesh website. You might also find the People of Spam Twitter feed amusing, or might want to show your support for Lunar Landing Day. Thank you!

Graphic Geography

Letterpress Tweets



Metadata Videos

Wind Turbines

Camera Apertures

Common Composites

Extended Spectrum

Extended Spectrum Portraits

Infrastructure Prints

Longo Zenith

Audio Self-Portrait

Needlework Rivers

Motion Composites

Averages: Handwriting, Typefaces & Glitches

Composite Commutes

Shipping Containers

Random Walks

Synaesthetic Artwork

Postmodern Warning Labels

Text to Bitmap

Pixel Signatures


Serial Monotypes: Spectra

Serial Monoprint: Vexilla

Wearable Metalwork

Sculptural Metalwork

Transcendental Representations

Geographic Installations

Pixel Rivers

Material Barcodes

ASCII Portraits

Composite QR Codes

Geometric Studies

Encapsulated Twitter Graphics

Swadesh Projects

Earth Grid

A Difference of 8 Protons

Astronomical Prints

Average Cinema