Mindhue Studio

Printmaking, conceptual and installation art


Geometric Studies

These pieces are basically in-jokes, amusing little puzzles that reward the mathematically-oriented. First, the “Square Inch” pieces, in which the total area of the printed black circles equals that of the title, even thought they’re not square, not contiguous, and (mostly) not filled.

The second set consist of geometric shapes that all have the same perimeter, either 8 or 12 inches. There are, respectively, 8 and 12 little shapes that make up the compositions.

The third set has prints that are made of individual square plates of specific areas with a line of a specific length cut into the printing area. When joined together, these lines create pathways through the piece. The titles come from the total area of all the plate with the total linear length of all the pathways.

Finally, the area permutations all start off with a unit square in the upper left. Each piece performs a theme-and-variations on an even division of the unit square into subsets: either 3×3 or 4×4 for the black versions, and 5×5 for the white.