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Composite Commutes

In the spring of 2011, I applied the concept of the Motion Composite to my daily commute. I wore a camera around my neck and set it to take one photograph every minute. The morning commute started from the time I left the doorway of my home to the time I arrived at my desk at my job, and the evening commute was the same, but reversed. In the interval, I would walk, ride my bicycle, ride the subway, stop for a snack, climb stairs, ride elevators and get stuck underground for two hours. Once downloaded from the camera, the photographs would be converted into a composite image that would become an ur-image of the entire arc of travel.

The first 6 commutes were only full commutes, recorded sporadically. The remaining 27 were divided as early and late, and were recorded in sequence. The following three slideshows present the morning commute, the evening commute, and the entire commute. The final slideshow shows amusing or interesting individual photographs. The final gallery shows full composite images of the entire experiment.

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