Mindhue Studio

Printmaking, conceptual and installation art


Audio Self-Portrait

I recorded myself saying my name as close to a one-second duration as possible, saving the result at a 48KHz sampling rate at 16 bits of depth. I then took the digital file and began manipulating it.  One piece that resulted is a simple list of all the samples making up the file. Another piece is a representation of each sample as a number that deviates from the center of the page by a distance proportional to its sample value; this makes the sample values describe the waveform of the sound as you progress down the file. WARNING: there is a lot of text data in these PDFs, you may wish to right-click and download them rather than viewing in your browser.

Finally, I prepared an image of the waveform of each of my names and printed them out. I traced the waveform in black ink pen, blue Sharpie, and red ink brush on Mylar, placing them one behind the other as a composite “drawn” self-portrait.