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Progress on Process Art

Got some images of the process I’m using for creating the artwork for the New Gallery Concert Series later this month. The concert will include a piece of music based on an arcane part of graph theory, and I took that as a staring point. More info coming soon, but have some images to peruse.

RED Opening Last Week

A couple of shots from the RED opening at the Cambridge Art Association last week. This show features my piece A Difference of 8 Protons: He-Ne-Ar-Fe. The video features a quick scroll through the gallery, as well as an action shot of my son Sloan.

Graph Theory Musings

So, one fascinating takeaway from my reading about graph theory is that there exist five graphs that are regularized in a very specific way, that just happen to correspond to the five Platonic solids. Moving in to graph coloring now, this should be interesting.