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The McGlynn Turbine at Sunset

Finally the weather and my schedule allowed me to run a time-lapse near sunset. I was hoping this would allow a nice “natural” fade and get some interesting color effects on the turbine blades, but the weather was not ideal for the style I was working with before. Clear skies means the polarizer turns the

The Original Pair of Turbine Time Lapse Videos

I realized I hadn’t posted these anywhere, so I put them up on Vimeo and am posting there here. In July of 2010 I borrowed a video camera and got footage of various turbines around Boston, including the Northwind 100 at McGlynn Elementary. For that one in particular, I managed to get a full hour

Sometimes The Turbine Just Stops

I went with everything ready, batteries charged, sensor cleaned, and got some good footage… until the wind died and the turbine stopped. I only included a minute’s worth of still turbine frames at the end, but it was more like half an hour before I decided to quit while I was ahead. Alas, I didn’t

A Trio of Worldspins

Since I was playing around with turbine footage in AfterEffects, I grabbed some older footage from last year that I’d been meaning to process. And after a little effort, we have three new worldspins: These are done in 720p instead of 1080p, because I had to scale the original HD footage in order to keep