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Rejiggered Synaesthetic Spectrum

For some reason I was thinking of the synaesthetic spectrum I prepared for this blog a couple years back, and it occurred to me that while it was a spectrum of the colors as far as alphabetic order is concerned, it wasn’t really a spectrum as far as wavelength is concerned. Of course, that means we

Alphanumeric Synaesthetic Interpretation of Digital Self-Portrait Pixel Values

This is an old project that suddenly found new life. It also needs a bit of explanation. Let’s say you have a black and white digital image, all shades of gray. Each of these pixels has a value that ranges from 0 (black) to 255 (white). This range looks odd, until you realize it’s actually

So What Does “Mindhue” Mean?

“Mindhue” is a reference to my alphanumeric synaesthesia, where different numbers and letters associate with different colors. For example, to me, the “m” in “mindhue” is a orangy red, while the “n” is a much darker red. “D”, on the other hand, is pure orange. “I” is black, whereas “u” is white. “H” and “e”