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2013 Skygrid: March

We’re at the end of March, so I assembled the skygrid images into composites for everyone to see. Last time, each section of the grid was an average square 10 pixels by 10 pixels. This time around, I figured I could do averaged sections which give the base color change, and do squished and cropped

Camera Setup for the Equinoctal Skygrid

Got some last-minute kinks worked out, and the camera is in its housing and set up on my deck, ready to snap pictures of the sky. One such is right here: Lovely image of clouds at dusk, in case you’re wondering what that is we’re looking at. Here’s a couple pictures of the installation itself:

Network Video Movies!

So I continued to play around with the Axis network video camera I was graciously loaned, and got it set up so it automatically uploads HD-sized video stills to my FTP site, starting at 5:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm. In fact, it should just be finishing up right now. However, from about 7:15

Network Video Still (Precursor to Great Things)

And here’s a lovely thing: a still taken from the new networked video camera I got that does 1080p images just because. As soon as I can finesse the settings I’m thinking about doing an automated setup that will result in a new skygrid running from equinox to equinox. It’s dark and orange because I

2011 Summer SkyGrid Finished

And here it is, the 54-day grid of 96 time-lapse images taken 8 minutes apart, starting at 6:15 am, 13 July 2011 and ending at 7:00 pm, 4 September 2011: Fun fact: the strip of two dark days nine bands up from the bottom would be the mark of Hurricane Irene. And with 5360 1920×1080