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#Zenithgram Compilation

On the Mindhue Studio Instagram account @mindhue, I periodically shoot an image straight up and post it as a #zenithgram. Recently I decided to see exactly what kind of variety I’ve shot over the last three years. Instead of using the Instagram square-cropped images, I used the original images as-shot. Below are two compilation videos,

Skygrid Movie: Vernal to Autumnal

Finally had time to assemble all the individual stills of the present Skygrid into a time-lapse movie. Be advised, at 17 seconds per day, it clocks in at around 51 minutes. But it’s a perfect environmental piece for relaxation and meditation, I would say! Note: after watching about 8 minutes of the video, I’ll concede

Network Video Movies!

So I continued to play around with the Axis network video camera I was graciously loaned, and got it set up so it automatically uploads HD-sized video stills to my FTP site, starting at 5:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm. In fact, it should just be finishing up right now. However, from about 7:15