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Printing an Edition: “Nominal Chinati”

The last week I’ve been busy at work at the Bow & Arrow Press using our Charles Brand intaglio press to print an edition for inde | jacobs gallery in Marfa, TX. Some of my prints are listed here. The gallery is preparing to re-open after a long hiatus, and these prints will be available

Residency Wrapup, a Little Later Than Expected

Well, it took me longer than expected to cap off the residency posts with some shots of the closing reception, but better late than never. Here are some lovely images shot during the closing by Rebecca Philio, who has shot several receptions for the Nave Gallery through the years. Myself and Jesa Damora at the

Nave Residency, Day 12

Not really a true work day, just a quick organization day to prepare for the closing reception tomorrow evening. I threw out trash, rationalized the box situation for later packing, put away cameras, pens and pencils, and collected stuff to take home tomorrow morning. Once everything was tidied up, I set out a TV and

Bow & Arrow Spring Show plus Time-Lapse

Our Press Scholar, Gina Trakadis, decided a showcase of all the letterpress done at the Bow & Arrow over the last couple of years would be a good idea. So we got together as many samples as we could, and put them up in the ArtSpace in the Adams House residence hall at Harvard, where

Upcoming Printmaking Show at the Nave Annex

This coming Thursday, February 21st, a printmaking show I organized with Carolyn Muskat as juror will open at the new Nave Annex, located in bustling Davis Square in Somerville, literally right next to Redbones BBQ. Any Boston folks will definitely want to go check it out. We’ll have a closing reception on Friday the 8th

Random Walks: Paper Cycles

I posted the Minumental random walk drawing, and then I realized: I never posted the set of random walks I did for my MassArt thesis back in 2008. Well, let’s fix that oversight! Here is a gallery of the 10 random walks I created using 22″ x 22″ paper, a pencil and a spinner made

Pieces for Minumental at NHIA

It’s that time again, time for the 11th annual Minumental show at New Hampshire Institute of Art! This is a school-wide show, and each piece can be no more than 2″ x 2″ (x 2″, for 3D work). Here are the two pieces I’m including in this year’s show: Letterpress Alphabet Sampler Based on Locus