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Somerville Containerhenge

It’s been a while, but I’m back in town and finally had a moment to post something. Just before I left I had an idea for a large-scale monumental construction based around world shipping and shipping containers. It would be modeled after the Neolithic henges of Britain and Europe, but using container ports and shipping

Large Installation Idea: Matrix of Volumes

Here’s a large-scale installation concept I have, basically playing with unit lengths of  1, √10 and 10, constructing volumes based around those numbers. This image is a layout shot, with the shading of the blocks corresponding to their depth, light being 1, medium being 3.16, and black being 10. 3D flybys of this idea, either


Something I’ve been thinking about for well-nigh seven years is creating latticeworks out of tetrahedra, which are four-face pyramids with equilateral triangles for faces. They are the simplest 3D shape in existence, with only four points needed to define. So far my efforts in this area have been somewhat stymied by construction difficulties. I’ve made