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Another Older Walk: Random Kilometer

Hopefully I’m not giving myself airs to beat Moses, but the recent passing of Walter de Maria made me remember the small homage to him I made at the Vermont Studio Center in 2010. Using a GPS unit to record my path, I traced out a Random Kilometer in the playing fields (and adjoining forests)

Speaking of Random Walks… Random Walk in Vermont, Reworked

During my residency at the Vermont Studio Center in March of 2010 I did a random walk using my GPS and my camera to record the pathway. I had a 640×480 video up at Vimeo for a while, but that’s kinda small and I’d used a frame interpolation setting that really sucked. So, here’s the

Stitched Panoramas of the First Three Chalk Random Walks

Let’s hear it for PTGui! Although it’s technically for panoramic photographs and not for flat-aspect image stitching, its warping and meshing capabilities helped me make some coherent sense of these not-very-well-shot montages of my outdoor random walks. The later ones get better, so should be a much more seamless. Click on any of them to

New Random Walk Drawings

I was sitting at Gallery 263‘s Art/Identity show today, so I made a long bicycle trek across Somerville and Cambridge to the corner of Putnam and Pearl in Cabridgeport. On the way I found a farmer’s market in Union Square, and stopped to draw a random walk there: Continuing on, I made it to the