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Prepping For New Rover Print Editions

I’m getting paper and plates to do a set of new editons based on the traverses of the pair of Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Opportunity recently ended her science mission after 14 years on the planet, so it seemed like an excellent opportunity to commemorate that achievement. Spirit ended her mission a few years

New Prints: Earth Moon Sun and Kármán Line

The new prints I’ve been hinting about are now here. Earth Moon Sun is the braided pathway the Earth and the Moon make around the Sun in the course of a year; The Crust & The Kármán Line is a graphic depiction of the very narrow space we think of as Planet Earth. Both Earth

New Print Series!

Completed a new series of mathematically conceptual prints. Called “Proportional Irrational” they display a good number of digits from your favorite three irrational numbers, printed on paper that is proportioned to those numbers. The phi print is, of course, printed on a Golden Rectangle, but the e and pi prints could be said to be