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PostArt Poets Logo ETG Poem

Here’s a new posting of an Encoded Twitter Graphic, the protocol of which you may peruse here. This particular graphic is a tiled ETG, which is mentioned here.┬áThe tweets are as follows: `CGA`09×12`ExrD11`{444444444444444444444444444444444444444C4444444CF F7CC444CFFFFFF44CFCCC7F44CFC444744CF7C44C44CFFFF7F44CF7C7FF `CGA`09×12`ExrD12`{4444444444CC4444444FF44444447F44444447F444C444CF7 C4FC4C7FFFFFC4F7FCFFC44F7F47F444F7FCFC444F7FFF444477FF44444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD21`{44CFC77C744CF7FFFF44CFCFCC7444CCFC444444CF7444444 4FFFF4444CF77F44444FC4C4444CFC444444CFC4444444FC44444444444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD22`{CCF744444F7CC44444FFF44444447F44444447F444444C7F4 44444FFF444444C77444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 And encode the logo of the PostArt Poets in the CGA color space. These four

PostArtPoetry: “IHDRkXTPLTEttXX//”, a PNG poem

In honor of the Post-Art Poets (@postartpoets), whose motto is THE TIMELINE OF ART HISTORY MUST BE ABANDONED IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS, I have interpreted their logo as its own form of machine poetry, reproduced below in both full representation and as edited to retain all English text letters. Full Poem: PNG IHDRkXTPLTEttXX// ]],,ggTTAA<<qqhh”EE66YYJJbb22rr33DD–44yySS[[iillzz::**FF__