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Copper-Etched Printing Blocks

Another project I’m working on jointly between Mindhue and my printing alter-ego Reflex Letterpress is a set of 72-pt International Phonetic Alphabet letters created in the Emigré typeface Mrs. Eaves. I still need to do some kerning — literally cutting the faces of the blocks closer to the letterforms — but they look pretty great

New Prints: Earth Moon Sun and Kármán Line

The new prints I’ve been hinting about are now here. Earth Moon Sun is the braided pathway the Earth and the Moon make around the Sun in the course of a year; The Crust & The Kármán Line is a graphic depiction of the very narrow space we think of as Planet Earth. Both Earth

New Print Series!

Completed a new series of mathematically conceptual prints. Called “Proportional Irrational” they display a good number of digits from your favorite three irrational numbers, printed on paper that is proportioned to those numbers. The phi print is, of course, printed on a Golden Rectangle, but the e and pi prints could be said to be

New Letterpress Print: “Path of the MER-A Rover ‘Spirit'”

Got a new print done at the Bow & Arrow Press. This one is called Path of the MER-A Rover “Spirit” and represents the 6-year lifetime of the Spirit rover on Mars as it skirted craters and made its way to the Columbia Hills. The craters on the plains are printed in PANTONE warm Red