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Trip to Austin, New Icosacomposites

Jut a quick blurb, last week I was in Austin visiting the folks, and took the opportunity to shoot two icosacomposites. The first hopefully will blend construction, traffic and jogging as some quintessential Austin movements for this particular era; the second caught crowds of students on their way to 9:30 class at the University of

Vimeo Album of Cinema Icosacomposites

Continuing on my Cinema Icosacomposite project, I’ve now managed to composite 32 movies and compress them for upload. Fun fact: when you composite The Godfather to a run-length of only 8:51, the Quicktime file is 37 GB. That’s pretty damn huge. Fortunately it squishes down to 675 MB. Yay H.264 compression! I can’t upload all

Park Street Short Icosacomposites… or “Intervals”

Yesterday I went down to the Boston Public Library to talk with the print curator about my installation for the Rethink Ink exhibition for Mixit Studio’s 25th anniversary. While I was downtown I decided it was a good idea to continue doing icosacomposites on the MBTA Red Line. I got a good location and was