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The Big Glitch: Full-Screen Glitch Video

During the Era of Display Glitches, there were a few times when the problem would get so bad the screen would flicker between glitch chaos and calm Finder, sometimes mixing and matching these two states in patterns of 8×8 squares. I would try to get screenshots of the mess, but these screenshots would always come

The Video Glitches Attacked… and I Got a New Graphics Card

So last two Thursdays ago my poor computer finally glitched out enough that I had to take it in to get a new graphics card. I finally got it back on Friday, but didn’t have time to actually take it out for a spin. Looks fine so far, nothing weird flickering around the desktop this

Video Glitches Caught in the Act!

So ever since my iMac came back from the Apple Store, it hadn’t repeated the video glitches it was plagued with since March. Until now! I went to this very folder and clicked on the displayed video to play it in its Finder preview pane, and suddenly the glitches appeared! They were pretty extensive, but

More Display Glitch Movies

I went through three of the display screenshots that were most intensely populated with 8×8 glitch blocks and pulled out all the errors. It took a while, and it’s something that I’ll probably do every now and again, since it’s a bit monotonous, to say the least. However, that means I have three glitch block

8×8 Pixel Glitch Block Video

Starting back in February, the display on my iMac started regularly glitching. These glitches consisted of random blocks of 8×8 pixels that would flicker across the display as it tried to refresh from the mouse pointer moving or a window closing. Sometimes the display looked like this: Which looked like this, pixel-to-pixel: And even infected