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Average Security Council 2015

Working again with the concept of averaging things to see what results, I’ve pulled up a project from years past and figured out a way to make a physical manifestation. In this case, I’m averaging flags, specifically, the flags of the nations that make up the United Nations Security Council for 2015. Here’s the base

Needlepoint Gallery

I’d been working on them piecemeal for a while, but I had the chance to really sit down and work on some needlepoint pieces while I was at Somerville Open Studios on May 3rd and 4th. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve been working on. This is the analemma, the shape that the sun traces

Pixel Rivers in Cross-Stitch

So, I’m still working through the kinks of another concept based on my pixel rivers idea of a couple months back, but I started playing around with rendering them in another pixel-based medium, cross-stitch needlepoint. So far, I have about an eighth of the Mississippi done: I’m abstracting the shape of the river into a

When I Say “City” Twitter Volley

On Thursday, 5 April, Neil Freeman at fakeisthenewreal.com started posting tweets starting with the phrase When I say “city”… and then continuing with some aphorism, trope, concept, observation, stereotype or definition of the urban landscape. Several people, including myself, joined in the fun. Here are my contributions, taken directly from my Twitter account as a

Piece for “Invested Landscape”, Coming to the Nave Gallery Sep 7

Today I did my first GPS drawing in a couple of years. This time I traced—as near as I could—the boundaries of the City of Somerville on my bike. Here are two versions of the results: The magenta/yellow is the path I took on my bike. The white is the official boundaries of the city.

New Patterns: Highway Cloverleaves

This was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while, just a lark, just something to play with. I thought I’d cruise through Google Earth and take screenshots of various cloverleaves along the interstates in the area. Funny thing: there aren’t as many traditional 4-lobed cloverleaf interchanges as you’d expect,

GPS Drawing Project

As part of my artist grant from the Somerville Arts Council, I need to do a project that involves the community of Somerville. Last week I went to the daycare Open Center for Children on Powderhouse Boulevard and created a large-scale work with the help of the children there. We went to a local park

World Tesselations

I did some more organizing today, and took pictures of an older project from 2007 called World Tessellations. I took a icosahedral projection of the world (an isocahedron is a 3D shape having 20 triangle-shaped sides) and cut each section out of copper, then selected a piece at random and built the entire map from