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“If You Go Tweeting 4-Bit Grayscale Pictures of Chairman Mao…

…ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.” After I did the CGA color palette, it was a no-brainer to do a 16-color grayscale version. Chairman Mao, before his tweet: (and bigger) And after his tweet: 102455300114B869D8304F53469AB36A23358AF53655579DC22364558D602334836D502456C7AD5014 67DBD9211356BBF81113AEFFCC40467FFDBED65778ABEED9 4bG 10×13

We Can Do It, in CGA, as a Tweet

So, going even further into Tweet image compression, I thought, “Let’s add some color.” A good way to get decent compression is to limit the number of colors you use to a specific quantity. You don’t have to encode the numbers, you just refer to a common table of values that never change. This way,

Audrey Hepburn as a Compressed Text Tweet

So I wasn’t happy with how the Mona Lisa looked yesterday, so I decided to figure out some kind of simple compression scheme to get an image into a tweet. There are plenty of characters available in the basic ASCII set, so I could do a simple substitution with the amount of compression available dependent

Mona Lisa Tweet, Portable Bitmap Format

And for my final tweak this evening I have tweeted a black-and-white image of the face of La Gioconda as a portable bitmap file (.bpm). Of course, the image doesn’t do the Mona Lisa justice, as it was severely cropped, reduced to 8 x 8 pixels and rendered in black-and-white bits. Like this: Or, more

uuencoded Tweet

Continuing my exploration of Twitter as a data-carrying pipeline, I have succeeded in using an early form of text encoding to transmit a 3px by 3px GIF image to my followers. Some history: the Unix utility uuencode enabled users to encode binary files in a robust ASCII-based format that could travel through email without inadvertent