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That Hybrid Print Project Again

Here’s a quick jpg of my letterpress/concept/ink drawing project. I’m tentatively calling it Color Terms and Their Emergence in Order of Complexity. It relates to the linguistic observation that languages develop terms for colors in a specific order as the complexity of the language increases. All languages have terms analogous to black, white, and red.


Something I’ve been thinking about for well-nigh seven years is creating latticeworks out of tetrahedra, which are four-face pyramids with equilateral triangles for faces. They are the simplest 3D shape in existence, with only four points needed to define. So far my efforts in this area have been somewhat stymied by construction difficulties. I’ve made

Some fun vacation pics

So I took some pics of the Clam Box restaurant in Ipswich with my new phone a couple weeks ago, and something went wrong. The jpegs went all wonky and cool. The best part about the whole thing is, the resulting image is interpreted differently by different image programs. Here’s some samples.

So What Does “Mindhue” Mean?

“Mindhue” is a reference to my alphanumeric synaesthesia, where different numbers and letters associate with different colors. For example, to me, the “m” in “mindhue” is a orangy red, while the “n” is a much darker red. “D”, on the other hand, is pure orange. “I” is black, whereas “u” is white. “H” and “e”