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Swype Alphabet

I just got a new cell phone, a Samsung SCH-I415. It has a physical keyboard, but it also comes loaded with Swype, a virtual keyboard that uses word patterns on the keyboard to interpret input. This annoyed me, because I’d wanted to do sculptures based on these shapes and don’t want to be considered as

PostArt Poets Logo ETG Poem

Here’s a new posting of an Encoded Twitter Graphic, the protocol of which you may peruse here. This particular graphic is a tiled ETG, which is mentioned here. The tweets are as follows: `CGA`09×12`ExrD11`{444444444444444444444444444444444444444C4444444CF F7CC444CFFFFFF44CFCCC7F44CFC444744CF7C44C44CFFFF7F44CF7C7FF `CGA`09×12`ExrD12`{4444444444CC4444444FF44444447F44444447F444C444CF7 C4FC4C7FFFFFC4F7FCFFC44F7F47F444F7FCFC444F7FFF444477FF44444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD21`{44CFC77C744CF7FFFF44CFCFCC7444CCFC444444CF7444444 4FFFF4444CF77F44444FC4C4444CFC444444CFC4444444FC44444444444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD22`{CCF744444F7CC44444FFF44444447F44444447F444444C7F4 44444FFF444444C77444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 And encode the logo of the PostArt Poets in the CGA color space. These four

Tenth Round of QRs in the Wild

300… I’ve captured 300 QRs. Here’s the group average, as shot: (the graininess comes from the fact I photographed three or four QRs on computer monitors this time around) Generated average: Average of all 300, as shot– And all 300, freshly generated: Since 300 is a big and round number, I figured I’d do another

Ninth Round of QRs in the Wild

The sad thing is, I’d had the eighth round mostly processed for a couple months, and I finally finished it up and posted it because I’d collected enough for the ninth round. So… here’s the ninth round! 270 QRs found in the wild. 9th round as-shot 9th round as clean, regenerated codes Full set of

DTMF Made Visible

Another bit of noodling I did over the past few days, I’m playing with the frequency mapping of the DTMF (or TouchTone™) sounds used in telephony. These tones are becoming less and less prevalent as mobile phones replace land lines, so this is something of a latter-day portrait of a mature technology. The colors are

Another Way to Get More ETG Pixels

Continuing on the idea of stuffing the Twitter pipeline with pixels, maybe I should just not worry so much about compression and figure out a way to divide images up and let the coding enable people to reconstitute them. Thus, I have prepared a tiled Twitter graphic, expanding from a simple 9 x 12 pixel

Further CGA ETG Compression

I’ve been trying to find a way to compress images even more, so I could expand the size of the color tweets available. Basically, since Twitter uses only the usable characters of ASCII text, and it can be hard to type higher-bit ASCII on some keyboards, I’ve pretty much exhausted the palette of encoding options

A New ETG (Encoded Twitter Graphic) Self-Portrait

I dusted off the old ETC encoding protocol today for a project I’m doing for a show entry, creating a self-portrait to send through social media. I used the 6-bit compression scheme I used for old Teddy Roosevelt’s 2-bit gray image for an image of myself. Because I did a couple tweaks on the protocol