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What Happens When A Frozen QR Finally Dries

Here’s a quick cellphone pic of the final monotype that resulted when the melted ice cubes of ink used in the frozen QR project finally dried, after four days: I tacked it up to the pressroom door of the Bow and Arrow Press, so it could relax and flatten a little. I’ll trim the paper

New Letterpress Project: An Arrangement of the 208 Swadesh Terms Distributed in Conceptual Order

I sent off for the plates today, so here’s a preview of a new letterpress edition I will be producing at the Bow and Arrow Press in the next couple of weeks: This will be printed on 20″ x 13″ Lettra 220# fluorescent white paper. The light gray words will not be printed, they will

Time Lapse Frozen QR

Right now this is a placeholder for a project coming to fruition when the weather gets reliably below freezing. Here’s a hint to the coming content. And here’s a shot of the project in process– And finally, the finished piece: The QR code was constructed out of over 300 black pixels made of a frozen

Random Walk Letterpress Card Pics

Here’s some pictures from earlier this month of me carving a set of random walk linoleum plates to make into notecards: Drawing the random pathway. Starting from the center of the block, I used the paperclip as a spinner, spinning it around the pushpin to determine the direction of the line segment. I would then

Two Alphabet Samplers: Traditional and Articulated

I’ve been doing some letterpress runs for the upcoming Somerville Open Studios on the 5th and 6th, mostly of simple things that people might like to have as display pieces. One of these was an alphabet sampler, printed in 877 Gold here: After doing this, I thought of a post I’d done long, long ago

Letterpress Linoleum Cut

Sadly, February has been something of a null month as far as art and artmaking is concerned. I got into a pissy mood about my talents and then got really busy in the last couple of weeks. To make sure that February doesn’t pass by without a least one post, here’s a shot of a