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MBTA Red Line Davis Station Icosacomposite

After doing the MWRA turbine/Orange Line tracks icosacomposite, it occurred to me that I should probably do one of the subway itself, without a wind turbine. So yesterday between 11:44a and 12:34p I recorded five 10-minute videos and turned them into a twenty-layer composite two and a half minutes long. Since the sound of the

Remixed English Swadesh Composite

I kinda overloaded the sound layering engine in Adobe Soundbooth with 207 tracks of audio, so the original sound file I made was very clippy and full of digital static. This time I chopped the project into 23 groups of 9 sounds and then layered the resulting files together. This was still staticky, so I

Audio Composite: English Swadesh List

So here’s another crazy little idea of mine. There exists a linguistics tool called a Swadesh List, which was invented by Morris Swadesh in the 50s and consists of 207 words that, hopefully, would be common throughout human languages. It’s used both as a bare-bones primer for newly discovered languages and as a way to