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Pixel-Based Artwork: Needlepoint Mississippi Finished

I posted this image on Twitter a few days ago: So I figured some people might be intrigued to see where this went. Well, it went right here: This is the Mississippi-Missouri River basin, done inverted with medium-gray floss for the background. Of course, I realized I chose the most difficult way of rendering something

Rodeo Drive, Whiskey a Go Go, Hollywood & Vine in Composite

Three major landmarks in this selection of icosacomposites. While I was on the prowl, I couldn’t turn down the chance to deconstruct the conspicuous consumption of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, especially the day after Christmas. And it didn’t disappoint. Look for high-end car wheels, fashion dress patterns and lots of shopping bags milling into

The Video Glitches Attacked… and I Got a New Graphics Card

So last two Thursdays ago my poor computer finally glitched out enough that I had to take it in to get a new graphics card. I finally got it back on Friday, but didn’t have time to actually take it out for a spin. Looks fine so far, nothing weird flickering around the desktop this

Bow & Arrow Press Icosacomposites

Just for funsies I shot two icosacomposites of the Press during Open Press Night last Thursday. They turned out every bit as awesome as I hoped. Watch for people typesetting, running the press, wandering around, washing their hands, taking in the wonder of it all, and gesticulating. It’s hard to tell people apart but I’m

Urban Icosacomposite – Union Square

From Williamsburg I jumped back on the L to get to Manhattan. At this time it was getting close to the time I needed to get to my bus, so I was working the numbers in my head to see if I could pull footage for not one, but two more composite videos. Union Square

Video Glitches Caught in the Act!

So ever since my iMac came back from the Apple Store, it hadn’t repeated the video glitches it was plagued with since March. Until now! I went to this very folder and clicked on the displayed video to play it in its Finder preview pane, and suddenly the glitches appeared! They were pretty extensive, but

More Display Glitch Movies

I went through three of the display screenshots that were most intensely populated with 8×8 glitch blocks and pulled out all the errors. It took a while, and it’s something that I’ll probably do every now and again, since it’s a bit monotonous, to say the least. However, that means I have three glitch block