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Nave Residency Day 11

Something of a disjointed day today, various errands and weather-related interruptions had me going back three separate times. However, I did get stuff done. One of which was a  shot of the Pixel Earth-Moon System with my nice Canon camera; I had tried before but the auto-focus didn’t quite figure out what to focus on,

Swype Alphabet

I just got a new cell phone, a Samsung SCH-I415. It has a physical keyboard, but it also comes loaded with Swype, a virtual keyboard that uses word patterns on the keyboard to interpret input. This annoyed me, because I’d wanted to do sculptures based on these shapes and don’t want to be considered as

Two More Alphabets

Alphabets again. I was lettering some notes this morning and got interested in the number of strokes it took me to write capital letters, and then I started thinking about strokes of the pen vs. visual line elements, and one thing led to another. Here are two newly-reordered alphabets based on those two concepts. Note: