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Four More Glitch Movies

Four more videos created by pulling out each 8×8 glitch block from screenshots I took of my display freaking out. I think this might be it for a while… number 7 was pretty involved and I pulled out around 1150 frames. These are definitely interesting experiments. Some themes start to emerge, some pulses and rhythms

More Display Glitch Movies

I went through three of the display screenshots that were most intensely populated with 8×8 glitch blocks and pulled out all the errors. It took a while, and it’s something that I’ll probably do every now and again, since it’s a bit monotonous, to say the least. However, that means I have three glitch block

8×8 Pixel Glitch Block Video

Starting back in February, the display on my iMac started regularly glitching. These glitches consisted of random blocks of 8×8 pixels that would flicker across the display as it tried to refresh from the mouse pointer moving or a window closing. Sometimes the display looked like this: Which looked like this, pixel-to-pixel: And even infected