Mindhue Studio

Printmaking, conceptual and installation art

Project Type: Time-Based

Average Cinema

Average Cinema is a color-field series which takes iconic motion pictures and renders each frame to its average color. Shown without sound, these pieces reveal the color and light choices that the director and cinematographer made to underlie the story and action of their film. Click here to go to the Vimeo channel for Average Cinema

Wind Turbines

Time-lapse videos of Boston-area wind turbines, as well as deconstructed videos where the world turns instead of the turbine blades.


These are video projects where I am a part of the scene being filmed, mostly in the act of creating some form of ephemeral artwork. These links go to albums and videos at Vimeo.com  


An icosacomposite is a twenty-layered video piece that explores movement, interaction and motion in a dynamic way. Click below to go to several video albums on Vimeo.