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Project Type: Text

Swadesh Projects

The Swadesh list is a group of words devised by Morris Swadesh as a way to track glottochronology, or how languages change over time. It’s also a useful basic vocabulary, and something of an odd little poem of the human world. I’ve been working with the Swadesh list for a while now, incorporating it into

Transcendental Representations

These low-relief wall sculptures were cut from MDF and painted black. They are a graphic representation of the digits of the three transcendental numbers π, e and phi, using a script-like glyph set to convert the numerical information into a “scriptural” aspect.

Text to Bitmap

Digital data, as a series of ones and zeroes, can be parsed in different ways depending on how you assign meaning to those patterns of ones and zeroes. ASCII text can be interpreted as text or as chunks of data in 6-, 7- and 8-bit sets. If one takes a selection of ASCII text and