Mindhue Studio

Printmaking, conceptual and installation art

Project Type: Data

Pixel Signatures

Text rendered on a computer is based on encoding the series of alphanumeric characters in a specific order of binary digits. The original encoding for digitized text data was Morse Code; in the 50s, ASCII became the standard for computers in the United States. More recently, UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding has enabled a myriad of

Text to Bitmap

Digital data, as a series of ones and zeroes, can be parsed in different ways depending on how you assign meaning to those patterns of ones and zeroes. ASCII text can be interpreted as text or as chunks of data in 6-, 7- and 8-bit sets. If one takes a selection of ASCII text and

Synaesthetic Artwork

I have alphanumeric synaesthesia, in which I associate specific colors with numerals and the letters of the alphabet. These associations have been permanent and unchanging since I began to notice them at about age four or five. These two clocks render the time and date using these colors. This first clock is rendered in the

Averages: Handwriting, Typefaces & Glitches

These are composite images created by averaging a particular set of images together. A composite of 70 handwriting samples: A gallery of various typefaces averaged together. A gallery of images created by averaging my glitch videos together.

Needlework Rivers

These are pixellated river systems scaled to the size of the Amazon and oriented so the mouth of the river points down (or as close to down as the format allows). I made them in cross-stitch to examine the similarities and differences between a physical, handmade form of pixel art and a virtual, electronic form