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Month: December 2013

Urban Icosacomposite – Hollywood & Vine

While in California for the holidays, I figured, if I’m gonna be thirty miles away from Los Angeles, I might as well head up there to shoot some composite video, right? I managed to shoot five different corners, and this is a preview of one of them: Hollywood and Vine, also known as “Bob Hope

Random Walks on the Beach

This Christmas I went to California, and while I was there I took the opportunity to do some random walks in the sand in Huntington Beach. The dry sand above the waterline was too loose to really get a good line, so I ended up down by the surf to get a better mark. The

Skygrid Winter Solstice 2013

Today was the winter solstice, and here are the day’s colors rendered in a banded strip of light, for your enjoyment: This will be the narrowest band of colors we will see for this skygrid experiment. The daylight hours will expand until they meet with the extent we saw at the first strip, on 19

Preview of Tile Rivers

December has been light in the blog, mostly because I’ve been really busy with other stuff, but I’ve been scraping away at some concepts that hadn’t really been active for a while. One such is building pixellated models of river basins out of wooden cubes, which, with all the other cube stuff going on, kinda