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Month: September 2013

The Big Glitch: Full-Screen Glitch Video

During the Era of Display Glitches, there were a few times when the problem would get so bad the screen would flicker between glitch chaos and calm Finder, sometimes mixing and matching these two states in patterns of 8×8 squares. I would try to get screenshots of the mess, but these screenshots would always come

The Skygrid: from Equinox to Equinox

My apologies for the wait on this, but I finally gotten a chance to process the September images up to the 22nd. Here we have the half-year from spring equinox to fall equinox in it’s full glory (click to embiggen): As mentioned before, I will continue to record the skygrid for a full year, but

More Layers in the Holographic Composite

Thanks to my students in my Intro to Graphic Design class, I now have 32 samples of handwriting to compare: It’s interesting, but not quite what I wanted. I used the boxes to try to keep things aligned and corralled, but I’m starting to think I’ll need to normalize the sizes of the samples so

The Equinoctal Picture for the Skygrid

The Sun crossed the ecliptic today at 4:44pm EDT, heading south. My skygrid camera was there to capture the moment, along with a plane flying overhead: I’ll be processing the images soon so we can see the full wax and wane of the daylight hours. Funny thing: it’s no longer an Equinoctal Skygrid. Because it’s

The Video Glitches Attacked… and I Got a New Graphics Card

So last two Thursdays ago my poor computer finally glitched out enough that I had to take it in to get a new graphics card. I finally got it back on Friday, but didn’t have time to actually take it out for a spin. Looks fine so far, nothing weird flickering around the desktop this