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Month: July 2013

Another Older Walk: Random Kilometer

Hopefully I’m not giving myself airs to beat Moses, but the recent passing of Walter de Maria made me remember the small homage to him I made at the Vermont Studio Center in 2010. Using a GPS unit to record my path, I traced out a Random Kilometer in the playing fields (and adjoining forests)

Speaking of Random Walks… Random Walk in Vermont, Reworked

During my residency at the Vermont Studio Center in March of 2010 I did a random walk using my GPS and my camera to record the pathway. I had a 640×480 video up at Vimeo for a while, but that’s kinda small and I’d used a frame interpolation setting that really sucked. So, here’s the

Urban Icosacomposite – Flatiron Building

Having finished up the footage in Union Square, I had an hour and a half to shoot another composite. Some block northwest of Union Square is an architectural icon, the Flatiron Building. One of my favorite images by Paul Steichen is of this building: So it was a no-brainer for me to create my own

Urban Icosacomposite – Union Square

From Williamsburg I jumped back on the L to get to Manhattan. At this time it was getting close to the time I needed to get to my bus, so I was working the numbers in my head to see if I could pull footage for not one, but two more composite videos. Union Square

Urban Icosacomposite – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Continuing on from the Brooklyn Bridge, I paradoxically took the A back into Manhattan in order to catch the L to get to northern Brooklyn. I set up shop at 7th and Bedford, a little way from the intersection so I could get a better view of the crosswise traffic. Lots of people of various