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Month: June 2013

Four More Glitch Movies

Four more videos created by pulling out each 8×8 glitch block from screenshots I took of my display freaking out. I think this might be it for a while… number 7 was pretty involved and I pulled out around 1150 frames. These are definitely interesting experiments. Some themes start to emerge, some pulses and rhythms

More Display Glitch Movies

I went through three of the display screenshots that were most intensely populated with 8×8 glitch blocks and pulled out all the errors. It took a while, and it’s something that I’ll probably do every now and again, since it’s a bit monotonous, to say the least. However, that means I have three glitch block

8×8 Pixel Glitch Block Video

Starting back in February, the display on my iMac started regularly glitching. These glitches consisted of random blocks of 8×8 pixels that would flicker across the display as it tried to refresh from the mouse pointer moving or a window closing. Sometimes the display looked like this: Which looked like this, pixel-to-pixel: And even infected

Weekend Icosacomposite Blitzkrieg!

I ran a letterpress job Saturday morning, and figured I’d have some time to do a composite video afterward. It kinda turned into an afternoon-long video outing, starting in Copley Square by the Boston Public Library, going to the Mass Ave bridge over the Charles in Cambridge, and ending up in Central Square. It got

Urban Icosacomposite – Breakbeats by Boston City Hall

I moved perhaps 300 ft from my position in Quincy Market and set up my camera in the square facing City Hall, and managed to record a pair of buskers with guitars doing neo-folk instrumentals and a drummer with a collection of plastic pails. All of them were drowned out by the breakbeats blared by