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Printmaking, conceptual and installation art

Month: May 2013

Chalk Random Walk: Bow and Arrow Streets, Cambridge

As part of my ongoing investigation with random processes, I decided to take my random walk series into the streets. Using a stick obtained from the local environment (under the hedges of the Democracy Center, in fact) and some hopscotch chalk from Michael’s, I drew a random walk on the streetbed, to the enjoyment and

Swype Alphabet

I just got a new cell phone, a Samsung SCH-I415. It has a physical keyboard, but it also comes loaded with Swype, a virtual keyboard that uses word patterns on the keyboard to interpret input. This annoyed me, because I’d wanted to do sculptures based on these shapes and don’t want to be considered as

PostArt Poets Logo ETG Poem

Here’s a new posting of an Encoded Twitter Graphic, the protocol of which you may peruse here. This particular graphic is a tiled ETG, which is mentioned here.┬áThe tweets are as follows: `CGA`09×12`ExrD11`{444444444444444444444444444444444444444C4444444CF F7CC444CFFFFFF44CFCCC7F44CFC444744CF7C44C44CFFFF7F44CF7C7FF `CGA`09×12`ExrD12`{4444444444CC4444444FF44444447F44444447F444C444CF7 C4FC4C7FFFFFC4F7FCFFC44F7F47F444F7FCFC444F7FFF444477FF44444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD21`{44CFC77C744CF7FFFF44CFCFCC7444CCFC444444CF7444444 4FFFF4444CF77F44444FC4C4444CFC444444CFC4444444FC44444444444 `CGA`09×12`ExrD22`{CCF744444F7CC44444FFF44444447F44444447F444444C7F4 44444FFF444444C77444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 And encode the logo of the PostArt Poets in the CGA color space. These four

PostArtPoetry: “IHDRkXTPLTEttXX//”, a PNG poem

In honor of the Post-Art Poets (@postartpoets), whose motto is THE TIMELINE OF ART HISTORY MUST BE ABANDONED IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS, I have interpreted their logo as its own form of machine poetry, reproduced below in both full representation and as edited to retain all English text letters. Full Poem: PNG IHDRkXTPLTEttXX// ]],,ggTTAA<<qqhh”EE66YYJJbb22rr33DD–44yySS[[iillzz::**FF__