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Month: April 2013

Skygrid Proceeding: to 15 April 13

Here’s the latest processed skygrids, through April 15th. I’m going to try to get them out every 15 days if I can. Skygrid averaged (simple averaged squares of color): Skygrid squished (shrunk and cropped frames, no average): Detail of the squished grid: You can see the day lengthening pretty obviously, pushing back the dark frames

Two More Alphabets

Alphabets again. I was lettering some notes this morning and got interested in the number of strokes it took me to write capital letters, and then I started thinking about strokes of the pen vs. visual line elements, and one thing led to another. Here are two newly-reordered alphabets based on those two concepts. Note:

Bow & Arrow Spring Show plus Time-Lapse

Our Press Scholar, Gina Trakadis, decided a showcase of all the letterpress done at the Bow & Arrow over the last couple of years would be a good idea. So we got together as many samples as we could, and put them up in the ArtSpace in the Adams House residence hall at Harvard, where

When I Say “City” Twitter Volley

On Thursday, 5 April, Neil Freeman at fakeisthenewreal.com started posting tweets starting with the phrase When I say “city”… and then continuing with some aphorism, trope, concept, observation, stereotype or definition of the urban landscape. Several people, including myself, joined in the fun. Here are my contributions, taken directly from my Twitter account as a

Exquiste Corpse Letterpress Piece at the Bow & Arrow

We’re doing a Spring Show at the Bow and Arrow Press on Thursday, and in celebration we had people typeset anything they wanted, as long as it was 22 picas wide and about food. Here’s the resulting exquisite corpse, set up on a galley and ready for printing on the SP-20: I printed it using