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Month: January 2013

What Happens When A Frozen QR Finally Dries

Here’s a quick cellphone pic of the final monotype that resulted when the melted ice cubes of ink used in the frozen QR project finally dried, after four days: I tacked it up to the pressroom door of the Bow and Arrow Press, so it could relax and flatten a little. I’ll trim the paper

New Letterpress Project: An Arrangement of the 208 Swadesh Terms Distributed in Conceptual Order

I sent off for the plates today, so here’s a preview of a new letterpress edition I will be producing at the Bow and Arrow Press in the next couple of weeks: This will be printed on 20″ x 13″ Lettra 220# fluorescent white paper. The light gray words will not be printed, they will

Random Walks: Paper Cycles

I posted the Minumental random walk drawing, and then I realized: I never posted the set of random walks I did for my MassArt thesis back in 2008. Well, let’s fix that oversight! Here is a gallery of the 10 random walks I created using 22″ x 22″ paper, a pencil and a spinner made

Pieces for Minumental at NHIA

It’s that time again, time for the 11th annual Minumental show at New Hampshire Institute of Art! This is a school-wide show, and each piece can be no more than 2″ x 2″ (x 2″, for 3D work). Here are the two pieces I’m including in this year’s show: Letterpress Alphabet Sampler Based on Locus