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Month: December 2012

Turbine Stills, not Time-Lapse

I went this morning to see if I could get a time-lapse movie from the location in Ten Hills Park under the commuter rail bridge, but there was barely any wind and the turbine was parked. Since I was there, I figured I get some sunrise stills: That’ll be it on the turbine images until

Average Dao De Ching

So, the reason I posted the digital Dao De Ching is because I had a small epiphany of how to work the Chinese encoding in a different way, which lead me back to the original, older encoding concept, and I figured I’d go ahead and post it just to be complete. The new concept is

“Digital” Dao De Ching Chapter 01

So quite some time ago I thought about Chinese and how it’s nearly a one-to-one encoding system for concepts and graphic representations, and maybe there could be another encoding system that reveals unique image identifiers… So I took the Unicode numbers for the characters in the first stanza of the Dao De Ching and used

Tenth Round of QRs in the Wild

300… I’ve captured 300 QRs. Here’s the group average, as shot: (the graininess comes from the fact I photographed three or four QRs on computer monitors this time around) Generated average: Average of all 300, as shot– And all 300, freshly generated: Since 300 is a big and round number, I figured I’d do another

Time Lapse Frozen QR

Right now this is a placeholder for a project coming to fruition when the weather gets reliably below freezing. Here’s a hint to the coming content. And here’s a shot of the project in process– And finally, the finished piece: The QR code was constructed out of over 300 black pixels made of a frozen