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Month: October 2012

Rejiggered Synaesthetic Spectrum

For some reason I was thinking of the┬ásynaesthetic spectrum I prepared for this blog a couple years back, and it occurred to me that while it was a spectrum of the colors as far as alphabetic order is concerned, it wasn’t really a spectrum as far as wavelength is concerned. Of course, that means we

Guerrilla Letterpress Test Piece

I tested the first installment of my guerrilla letterpress project near to the Bow and Arrow this morning: I’m seeing what delivery system will deliver the most weatherproof, durable product with the most ease of delivery. This particular piece has been waxed for water resistance and emplaced with Super 77 spray mount. Later investigation revealed

Ninth Round of QRs in the Wild

The sad thing is, I’d had the eighth round mostly processed for a couple months, and I finally finished it up and posted it because I’d collected enough for the ninth round. So… here’s the ninth round! 270 QRs found in the wild. 9th round as-shot 9th round as clean, regenerated codes Full set of

People Like Colorfield Videos with No Sound… Who Knew?

I was browsing my Vimeo stats and I’m quite surprised that every one of my top ten loaded videos is not a wind turbine, is not an icosacomposite, is not the MBTA… They are all Average Cinema pieces. Which means that a decent number of people are loading up silent colorfield videos and are, for

Oopsie… Mis-mounted QR Code

I’ve been collecting more QR codes in the wild for my ongoing QR code project (alas, the eighth iteration is done but I haven’t had time to process the images), and found this interesting sample in Manchester, NH, last weekend. It’s great that this company is trying to connect with the whole Web 2.0 dynamic,