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Month: September 2012

All Sorts of Crazy Stuff

Greetings, folks… Sorry it’s been a very light time for the blog, it’s been a crazy busy month, with my new job teaching intro printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and some craft fairs and other fun things. Among those things would be the shindig for the relaunched Big Red & Shiny, which

Invested Landscape at the Nave

INVESTED LANDSCAPE Landscapes Through A Diffracting Lens Sarah Bliss + Heather Johnson + Katie Jurkiewicz Jane Lincoln + Nancy Winship Milliken + Ted Ollier Marzia Ellero Ransom + Rimas Simaitis + Catharyn Tivy Nave Gallery • Somerville 7 Sep – 22 Sep 2012 Opening Reception • 7 Sep 2012 • 6 – 8 PM Curators’