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Month: August 2012

Piece for “Invested Landscape”, Coming to the Nave Gallery Sep 7

Today I did my first GPS drawing in a couple of years. This time I traced—as near as I could—the boundaries of the City of Somerville on my bike. Here are two versions of the results: The magenta/yellow is the path I took on my bike. The white is the official boundaries of the city.

New Patterns: Highway Cloverleaves

This was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while, just a lark, just something to play with. I thought I’d cruise through Google Earth and take screenshots of various cloverleaves along the interstates in the area. Funny thing: there aren’t as many traditional 4-lobed cloverleaf interchanges as you’d expect,

Patterns in the DTMF Number Pad

Today I am continuing on my interest in the tones used by wired telephony and the patterns made by same. I’ve managed to turn the tones used in the DTMF numberpad into visual representations and have started playing with the interactions between them. Some background: when you hear a “TouchTone™” sound, you’re hearing two set

DTMF Made Visible

Another bit of noodling I did over the past few days, I’m playing with the frequency mapping of the DTMF (or TouchTone™) sounds used in telephony. These tones are becoming less and less prevalent as mobile phones replace land lines, so this is something of a latter-day portrait of a mature technology. The colors are