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Month: May 2012

New Icosacomposite Project: Cinema Icosacomposites

A while back I was playing with averaging and time-based media, and came up with Average Cinema, which are movies averaged frame-by-frame into a single field of color and then played as an installation. Because of difficulties in encoding color-field imagery using DVD and other area-based compression schemes, I haven’t posted the Average Cinema pieces

QR Averages Based on Pixel Dimensions

So the averages I’ve been producing have been normalized to one specific size, in this case, 2400 x 2400 pixels for the generated, clean QRs. However, the actual encoded pixel width of the QR depends on how much data one wishes to encode. If you look at any of the composites I’ve done, you see

Sixth Round of QRs in the Wild

Another set of QR codes discovered lurking in the Real World. Fun fact: one of the codes used I used myself at Somerville Open Studios as a way for people to sign in to my email list. Unfortunately, only three people actually used it: one was an abject failure, one didn’t enter his email address,

Two Alphabet Samplers: Traditional and Articulated

I’ve been doing some letterpress runs for the upcoming Somerville Open Studios on the 5th and 6th, mostly of simple things that people might like to have as display pieces. One of these was an alphabet sampler, printed in 877 Gold here: After doing this, I thought of a post I’d done long, long ago