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Month: April 2012

Another Way to Get More ETG Pixels

Continuing on the idea of stuffing the Twitter pipeline with pixels, maybe I should just not worry so much about compression and figure out a way to divide images up and let the coding enable people to reconstitute them. Thus, I have prepared a tiled Twitter graphic, expanding from a simple 9 x 12 pixel

Further CGA ETG Compression

I’ve been trying to find a way to compress images even more, so I could expand the size of the color tweets available. Basically, since Twitter uses only the usable characters of ASCII text, and it can be hard to type higher-bit ASCII on some keyboards, I’ve pretty much exhausted the palette of encoding options

A New ETG (Encoded Twitter Graphic) Self-Portrait

I dusted off the old ETC encoding protocol today for a project I’m doing for a show entry, creating a self-portrait to send through social media. I used the 6-bit compression scheme I used for old Teddy Roosevelt’s 2-bit gray image for an image of myself. Because I did a couple tweaks on the protocol

Some Older Images From My Silver Past

I recently entered a call for entries at the Nave Gallery, for a show that was interested in alternative process (non-digital) photography. Back in the day, I burned quite a lot of Tri-X and Plus-X film in my trusty little Minoltas, and also dabbled in HIE, which was Kodak’s 35mm infra-red film. Fortunately for me

Fifth Round of Composite QRs

I haven’t been vigilant about this, but occasionally snap a picture or two if I’m on the T or happen to catch a QR while out in the bush. We’re up to 150 individual QRs, so things are blending nicely. Batch 05 as-shot: Batch 05 generated from the photos and composited: Full set of 150