Mindhue Studio

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Month: October 2011

Random Walks in Vermont

In March of 2010 I did a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and during that residency I drew random walks across the landscape, using my hiking GPS to record my path. It took me a while, but I finally got those random walks saved as image files to post here. For this particular piece,

Remixed English Swadesh Composite

I kinda overloaded the sound layering engine in Adobe Soundbooth with 207 tracks of audio, so the original sound file I made was very clippy and full of digital static. This time I chopped the project into 23 groups of 9 sounds and then layered the resulting files together. This was still staticky, so I

Roadbed Palimpsests

I’ve been interested in the tar marks the city crews make on the cracks in asphalt roadbeds when they repair them, there’s a nice script-like gesture to the best of them. I’ve done some recording of the shapes and lines using multiple digital photos to create hi-res montages of shapes I’ve found in parking lots