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Month: August 2011

Sometimes The Turbine Just Stops

I went with everything ready, batteries charged, sensor cleaned, and got some good footage… until the wind died and the turbine stopped. I only included a minute’s worth of still turbine frames at the end, but it was more like half an hour before I decided to quit while I was ahead. Alas, I didn’t

Another Slow-Shutter Time-Lapse

Here’s another time-lapse of the McGlynn turbine, again shot near sunset, and again, the battery died before the sun could actually set. I’ll use the double battery pack tomorrow to make sure that doesn’t happen again. To keep the shutter speed slow while preventing over-exposure, I invested in a neutral-density filter and a polarizer. (The

A Trio of Worldspins

Since I was playing around with turbine footage in AfterEffects, I grabbed some older footage from last year that I’d been meaning to process. And after a little effort, we have three new worldspins: These are done in 720p instead of 1080p, because I had to scale the original HD footage in order to keep