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Month: July 2011

Wooden Random Walks

And my obsession with random processes continues. Using basswood strips, dice, glue and five colors of wood stain, I’m playing around with randomness again, but trying, this time, to create an aesthetic sensibility with the process. I’m hoping that the natural material and earth colors will soften the hard edges of the concept and create

GPS Drawing Project

As part of my artist grant from the Somerville Arts Council, I need to do a project that involves the community of Somerville. Last week I went to the daycare Open Center for Children on Powderhouse Boulevard and created a large-scale work with the help of the children there. We went to a local park

Samsøn Project Chain Letter Show

I went to the opening of the Chain Letter Show at Samsøn Project at 450 Harrison in Boston yesterday. I had a piece, as did probably six other people I invited. I’m assuming the concept started with one or two emails, which told people to invite ten artists they admired, which then snowballed from there.

Somerville ArtBeat 2011 Drawing Booth

I went down to ArtBeat in Davis Square in Somerville today, joining a bunch of artists sketching the crowd and other things in a booth for the event. Nothing too fancy, nothing too serious. It was nice to take three hours out and just draw nothing in particular. I did some vertical spectra drawings and

World Tesselations

I did some more organizing today, and took pictures of an older project from 2007 called World Tessellations. I took a icosahedral projection of the world (an isocahedron is a 3D shape having 20 triangle-shaped sides) and cut each section out of copper, then selected a piece at random and built the entire map from

Vexilla: Serial Monoprints with Flag Imagery

I managed to do some organizing today, and while doing so finally signed and photographed some serial monoprint pieces I did at the Vermont Studio Center last March. These are called “Vexilla” (singular “Vexillum”), and are groups of twelve prints, starting in the upper right hand corner and going left to right to the bottom

Planetary Rings Silkscreen Series Halfway Done

I mentioned it here before, but I have pictures of the first half of my Planetary Rings series. Each is 22″x22″, 2-color silkscreen, signed and numbered in an edition of 27. These will be available as sets of 4 (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) at $500 for the set. At this point in time I’m