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Month: March 2011

Quick Images of BCA Opening

Sorry it’s been light, I’ve been really busy. With an opening at the Boston Center for the Arts, for one thing. Here’s a pic of the opening-in-progress: This is the show “Contained” curated by John Pyper, and it’s pretty awesome. I would go see it, it’s centrally located, it’s a nice gallery, and there are

Large Installation Idea: Matrix of Volumes

Here’s a large-scale installation concept I have, basically playing with unit lengths of  1, √10 and 10, constructing volumes based around those numbers. This image is a layout shot, with the shading of the blocks corresponding to their depth, light being 1, medium being 3.16, and black being 10. 3D flybys of this idea, either

Vectors Again–This Time Exercising Vectors!

I’m preparing a large store of commute vectors to get a more volumetric shape out of the scatter plot, so I haven’t been posting them until I get the whole aggregate. However, I decided to record the vectors that result when I do my morning exercises (situps, pullups, that sort of thing). Available here, on

Another Vector Commute—This Time With a Bike

So it was abeautiful day this morning, sun shining, no clouds, breeze, just at 40 degrees—and I decided to ride my bike to get to the T. Freedom! Plus a new round of vectors. Video here. There is no video for the late commute, because the recording app stopped and I didn’t get a complete