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Month: February 2011

Not a Commute… 23 February 2011 Press Vectors

So, I was running a big printing job at the Bow and Arrow yesterday evening, and it occurred to me that it would be interesting to see the vector space that a repetitious, stereotyped movement like loading and cranking a letterpress would reside in. Here’s the raw data, I’ll do new 3D movies presently. X-Axis

Vector Commute 14 Feb 2011: XYZ Scatter Graphs

Well, there was some delay in getting some kind of software tweak to plot the vector data as a three-axis scatter plot. However, I’ve finally gotten something worked out. 3D graphs work best with video, because the time dimension replaces the Z dimension that is lacking on a computer screen. The morning and evening commutes

A New Concept In Commute Recording: 11 Feb 2011

So, since my camera died, I can’t do composite imagery of my morning commutes. However, through the wonder of modern cellphone technology, I can record the readings of the accelerometer on my phone and manipulate them with my computer. This means that every shock, every step, and every twist I do while commuting will be