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Month: October 2010

Emergence of Color Terms in Order of Complexity

Finally got around to signing and numbering the letterpress experiment. The full title is Emergence of Color Terms in Order of Complexity; here is an image showing the basic layout: The straight-on shot doesn’t really show the embossing, so I took a low-angle image so you can see the IPA letters embossed through the pools

New Letters

So I’m trying to catch up on my lack of updates, so here’s another project that’s been brewing for the last couple of weeks. With the relative success of the earlier linguistic/letterpress project (better pics of which I will post soon, promise), I decided to continue with this process. I’ve decided to add needed letters

That Hybrid Print Project Again

Here’s a quick jpg of my letterpress/concept/ink drawing project. I’m tentatively calling it Color Terms and Their Emergence in Order of Complexity. It relates to the linguistic observation that languages develop terms for colors in a specific order as the complexity of the language increases. All languages have terms analogous to black, white, and red.