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Keyboard Trace

Here’s a photo of the piece I put together for the Chain Letter Show at Samsøn Project a couple weeks ago. It kinda got lost in the crowd, but I needed a reason to put it together.

This is what I’m calling a “Keyboard Trace”, which is a full-scale model of my aluminum Apple keyboard with the path traced by the letters of a word as they are typed. The wooden shape extending into space is the trace itself. Underneath the trace the locations of the letters are embossed into the wood:

In this case, the word is “JUXTAPOSE”. This is a modification of an idea I had a couple years back, which I called “Keyboard Skeins”. Those word paths were traced out with string using nails at the locations of the keys. Here is “GENUFLECT”:

I liked this concept, but I wasn’t sure the string-and-nail idea was the proper way to embody it. So I tried again with the dowels. I still haven’t made up my mind, and I might try another take on it soon.

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