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Quick Images of BCA Opening

Sorry it’s been light, I’ve been really busy. With an opening at the Boston Center for the Arts, for one thing. Here’s a pic of the opening-in-progress:

BCA Opening of "Contained"This is the show “Contained” curated by John Pyper, and it’s pretty awesome. I would go see it, it’s centrally located, it’s a nice gallery, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars around for afterward!

My piece is here, in a somewhat crappy image:

Panamax Vessel Piece

Standard Shipping Container and Panamax Vessel Cargo Capacity, to Scale

You can see the curator’s reflection in the plexiglas. The piece is 72″ x 8.5″ x 8″, and represents the volume available for cargo in a Panamax-class container vessel. The model container is there for size.

Here’s a really really crappy image of the container:

Maersk Sealand Shipping Container, railroad N-scale

Maersk Sealand Shipping Container, railroad N-scale

Better images coming soon!

2 Comments on “Quick Images of BCA Opening”

  1. Congrats on the BCA show, Ted! Explain the space available for cargo. How could it be so small in a vessel made for shipping containers???

    • A Panamax shipping vessel has space for approximately 2500 – 3500 standard shipping containers, depending on configuration.